This module expands on material learned in the Foundations, Writing and Presentation modules. Take a look at the Instructor Overview to find out more about this and the other modules in the OER. 


Part 4 of the OER’s eTextbook aligns with this module. Included chapters are listed below. You’ll also find a Module Overview and Glossary in the text.

  • Communication and Diversity in Canadian Workplaces
  • Your Interpersonal Communication Preferences
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Conflict Resolution


Each of the module topics has its own set of materials as listed below. Lecture Notes have been developed to accompany the slide decks. There is also a Question Bank, containing questions that could be used on exams (these also feature inside the eText in the ‘Check your Understanding’ section).

The Assignment Instructor Notes and Assessment Overview for Students are applicable to all assessments in this module.

In this module, there is a module-length series of assessments in the form of a Summary Reflection Assignment & Rubric and associated Reflection Journal Sample.

Communication & Diversity in the Canadian Workplace

Your Interpersonal Communication Style

Cross-Cultural Communication

Conflict Resolution