This module serves as an introduction to communication in a professional context. In a world where change is constant and technology proliferates, the foundational skills developed here will enable students to balance the needs of their audience with their communication goals. They will develop the skills required to select the appropriate medium for their message and measure results, preparing them for high performance in today’s ever-changing workplace.

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Part 1 of the OER’s eTextbook aligns with this module. Included chapters are listed below. You’ll also find a Module Overview and Glossary in the text.

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Getting to Know your Audience
  • Choosing a Communications Channel
  • Crafting your Message with Plain Language
  • A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Using Visuals
  • From Shotgun to Boomerang: Using Feedback


Each of the module topics has its own set of materials as listed below. Lecture Notes have been developed to accompany the slide decks. There is also a Question Bank, containing questions that could be used on exams (these also feature inside the eText in the ‘Check your Understanding’ section). There is also a module-wide summative assessment titled Planning a Communication.



Communication Channels

Plain Language