About the Resource

This Open Education Resource (OER) is a set of openly available and free educational resources designed for introductory communications courses at colleges and universities in Canada, though it could be used by global institutions with some minor tweaks to the content. It will be of benefit to instructors of workplace communication, corporate communication, business writing and related subjects.

It may be used for teaching, learning, research or other purposes, and can be reused, revised, remixed, and redistributed. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please attribute Olds College as the creator of the original work.

This OER comprises a series of modules covering the following:

  • Foundations of Communication
  • Communicating in Writing
  • Communicating via Presentations
  • Interpersonal Communication

You can download the full eText (a file containing Parts 1 through 4), or download each module’s eText individually.

Modules contain varying amounts of teaching and learning material including an eTextbook, lesson slides, lecture notes, activities, multimedia assets and assessments.

Instructors are encouraged to use, revise, remix, and redistribute the contents of this OER in part, or in its entirety, to fit their instructional needs. Instructors may decide to use particular lessons or assets from it, or expand on it using external resources. It is flexible enough to work within a face-to-face, blended or fully online teaching environment. Alternative formats for online-only content are provided wherever possible.

This OER was developed for Olds College by JR Dingwall, Chuck Labrie, Trecia McLennon and Laura Underwood, in collaboration with the college’s Educational Technology and Curriculum team.

Using this OER

All materials can be found on the website, which links to files stored on Google Drive. When using the documents, please copy them to your own Google Drive account and provide students with links to your copies, rather than linking directly to our files. This way, you can modify the documents as-needed for your course while the original files remain intact.